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Digital Fabrication

Digital Building Components uses proprietary patented software to fabricate directly from the model, using lean production methods in a paperless environment. We eliminate the conventional, wasteful steps of cutting retail-sized materials, and costs are fewer in the factory compared to the jobsite.

Our fabrication process begins at the commodity level. Fabrication data is fed directly to automatic equipment, which handle all measuring and cutting tasks. Because traditional human interpretation of details, measuring and cutting leads to more than 95% of the rework in construction, our methods yield significantly higher-quality products for your project.

We meet production standards by taking regular quality assurance measurements on all our equipment. Our employees perform a visual inspection of every panel as it leaves the factory and is loaded for transport. We can also provide photographic documentation of each panel prior to loading for delivery.

Performing digital fabrication concurrently with site erection of the superstructure reduces the overall duration of construction, saving valuable time and minimizing additional costs associated with a longer construction duration.


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    Higher Quality

    A factory environment improves quality control and translates to products that fit as expected in the field.

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    Cost Certainty

    We batch materials to reduce waste and remove human error from the equation, giving you a better product with greater cost certainty.

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    Faster Build Times

    Manufacturing panels in parallel with work done in the field accelerates the project schedule.



Over a three-week period, we’ll dive deep into the details of your project. We’ll provide a detailed review of the project based on a standard specification. We’ll also assess budgets you’ll need for transportation, crane set, connections, cribbing and other modular-specific costs. Basic deliverables include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation and report
  • Review of schematic plans for ability to produce modularly
  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate
  • Scope of work and roles/responsibilities matrix
  • Sprint Model process and schedule
  • Major milestones and design requirements

Our manufacturing facility provides you with the benefits of offsite, multi-trade digital fabrication. Proprietary software drives production. The extensive use of technology in our manufacturing process starts at the commodity level, where data feeds our production line of automatic and robotic machines to create precise-to-spec components. Our roll-former bends, cuts and engraves “kit instructions” on each piece. Robotic welders connect studs with precision, followed by screw bridges that attach sheathing. Panels are manufactured in an ergonomic environment resulting in an efficient workflow and consistency across each product made.

The final factory-quality products allow teams to quickly weather-in buildings, increase safety, and help meet building efficiency standards. Products may also count towards environmental certification credits.

Digital Building Components also provides consulting services for engineering and Revit modeling.

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